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Coconut Products


Green Wide Exporters process and provide Semi and Fully Husked Coconuts using natural methods without involving any compound methods. We supply coconut husk fiber of the finest quality that meets global principles. Coconuts are tropical and sub tropical fruits, which have found wide acclaim for their properties and are consumed by all people around the world, in their natural state or find usage in cookery. The weight of the Semi and Fully Husked Coconuts ranges between 550gms - 700gms and size is more than 13 inch. Coconuts are highly nutritious and tasty and are consumed in the raw. They also form a part of our daily food, for taste, flavor and good health. Export worthy packing is employed to take care that the Coconuts arrive at the respective destinations, intact after long passage of time. The mature Brown Coconuts are graded after plucking, according to the weights and sizes, and only the best are chosen for further processing. Stage checks are carried out in the process of coconut husk fiber to ensure one hundred percent quality, and are dispatched to the customer. These products are also referred as coco husk.


Green Wide Exporters are the primary Coconut Copra manufacturers and copra cake and exporters in India. The flesh of the Coconut is dried under the sun and Coconut Copra is obtained when the water content in the Coconut falls less than 6%. The exports of Coconut Copra manufacturers happen to mainly target the food processing industry, cosmetic industry and soap- making industry. Copra is exported for crude oil extraction and it serves as fodder for cattle and poultry feed. The Coconut Copra and copra cake is neatly packed in bags. The quantum and the packing mode differ based on the customer's requirements. Copra cake could be availed in any volume by the importers in any corner of the world. Our quality products and impeccable services make us stand tall amongst coconut copra manufacturers in India. .

Coconut Cake

We export Copra Cake such as Expeller Cake and Deoiled Cake after stringent quality tests of the cakes.

  • Expeller Cake -

    Expeller Cake is used as cattle feed, oil extraction. It contains oil content of approx 8 - 9%.
  • Deoiled Cake -

    We supply Deoiled Cake, which is also used as cattle feed.